Walk Along Paws dog walking service

Questions & Answers

Welcome to the Walk Along Paws website! If you have any questions we do not address please Contact Us and we will answer your question.

We are just starting to offer our services to others but we very excited and ready to help.

Why should my dog be walked at all?
Jumping, nipping, digging, chewing up your furniture and house, and boredom barking are all problems that your dog could be displaying because he is under excercised. A regular long walk can reduce or stop a lot of these bad habits.
Why would I want somebody else to walk my dog?
A lot of times people come home from a long day at work and their dog is jumping up and down excited and full of energy in need of a walk to calm them down so they (and you!) can take a nap. But often after working nobody wants to walk their dog, they just want to rest. Walk Along Paws can walk your dog in the morning so he or she is more relaxed throughout the day, or when you get home so you can enjoy a more peaceful evening.

What is required to have Walk Along Paws walk my dog?
Live (or be staying in) North Fargo.
A Dog
A Collar
A Leash

How much in advance do I need to call/email Walk Along Paws?
To ensure that your dog is walked at your preferred time, an appointment should be made at least seven days in advance.

Will my dog be walked in a large group, with another dog or individually?
Your dog will be walked individually, unless you ask specifically for them to be walked with other dogs. However, dogs who have had no socialization or have shown previous aggression towards other dogs will not be allowed this option, for the safety of the dogs and dog walker.

What time of the day will you walk my dog?
In the summer months we can walk your dog at any time in the day before it is dark outside.
During the winter months we can walk your dog any time after..TBA

What types of weather are you willing to walk my dog in?
Any weather!